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Hi there,
I’m Donna, and I hope to take you on a very exciting journey of food, exercise, healthy living, places and fashion.

The facts are there would always be food, you would always feel overweight after a really great meal, exercises are stressful and gyming in lagos can be expensive and time consuming


You can stay the same size and still enjoy food, have more than enough energy and still eat loads of food everyday.

You can have this thanks to the 60 days detox plan I would be sharing with you, this changes the way you and i have viewed the so called dieting plans.

The detox plan is not about counting calories, following strict dieting plan in one month and gaining it back in a week, No No No. The detox plan is about been aware of the kinds of food we put in our bodies. It is not about eating less and avoiding our favourites. Its about having fun with our meals

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