Kunun Aya: Aphrodisiac???

Today we are going to be going into something different, I think you guys are going to like this one. The latest trend on social media about sex enhancers and aphrodisiacs made my curious mind search for the genesis of this drugs, partly to find out if they really worked or the Instagram vendors were just hoodwinking customers. That was how i found kunun aya.

Do you know that aphrodisiacs are popular in the north. History says that back in the days men would take several wives and would be required to sleep with the wives every other day, the men were not concerned about foreplay or getting the wives stimulated they were just interested in discharging their duties. Most of the wives ended up with bruises. The favorite wife also gets special treatment from the husband and so when a woman got married and was leaving for her husbands house, her mother would pack herbs for her to ensure that she achieve two things;

  • get stimulated naturally and avoid getting bruised
  • Have the sweetest *private part* so that the husband keeps coming back and she becomes the favorite

I don’t know what the Instagram vendors are selling but the oldest ingredients in the aphrodisiacs herbs the lovely mothers gave their daughters were Tigernuts (traditionally known as Aya) and Dates (traditionally known as Dabino). This is one of the most powerful ancient food sources known in humanity and used traditionally to stimulate sexual arousal, treatment of weak erection, premature ejaculation in men, and boosting of breast milk supply in breastfeeding mothers

So lovelies, today I would be teaching you how to make the oldest natural aphrodisiacs of all time called Kunun aya. Kunun Aya is an all natural aphrodisiac drink and is made from tiger nuts, coconuts and dates. It is popular in the north and best known as “the sex drink”.

Here’s how to make our all natural aphrodisiac drink (Kunun Aya):


  •  1 cup of fresh tiger nuts (Aya)

  • 1 Coconut (Optional)

  • 10 to 15 dates (Dabino)

  • 1 ginger root (Optional)
  • 1 cup water


Step 1: Soak the tiger nuts in clean water Overnight. If you are using the dry tiger nuts , you’d need to soak it overnight to get it re-hydrated. This is only necessary when using the dry ones, the fresh ones can be used immediately. Place in a blender when done.

Step 2: Remove the seeds from the dates, cut into tiny pieces, wash and place in the blender.

Step 3: Break the coconut shell, peel, cut into little pieces and place them in the blender also.

Step 4: Skin the ginger, cut up into tiny pieces and add to the blender

Step 5: Add water (ensure to add just enough to blend in order to reduce dilution) and blend

Step 6: With a Pap/Cheese cloth or any chiffon cloth, strain the milk into a bowl. I always place the chaff back into the blender , add some more water, blend & strain again till the whole milk is extracted.

Step 7: The extracted milk can be drank immediately or served cold. I actually prefer it cold.

You can always watch this amazing video on YouTube https://youtu.be/BWXwpQnnimM on step by step preparations. Be careful not too laugh, she’s currently my favorite person on the internet now.

Warning though, only take this when your partner is around, I heard it becomes effective immediately. You can also drink it together makes it more fun.

Bye lovelies ♥♥ till next time…,


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  1. Kaylaychy
    November 30, 2018

    Nice I think this is far better than all those drugs that have side effect. If for any reason one can consume these ingredients raw without blending would it still work?

  2. Femi.
    November 30, 2018

    Well-done Donna.
    I’m gonna try this and revert.

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