Parfait as the name infers means Perfect in french. This is one of the major things that took me to SoFresh, apart from there sweet and spicy chicken salad tho (story for another day). You can imagine my joy when they opened at lekki phase one a stone-throw from me.

But after my God knows what cup of parfait and exploring all the menu, I thought to myself why can’t I make this myself, I mean how difficult can it be ?

So as usual at your service, I bring to you the perfect Parfait (tautology right, I don’t care its how I feel). Get ready to make magic



Layer 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt into the bottom each of 4 tall glasses. Combine frozen fruits and juice with fresh berries. Alternate layers of fruit and crunch with yogurt until glasses are filled to the top. Serve parfaits immediately to keep crunchies crunchy (lol I did it again, I don’t even think crunchies is a word) and voila we are done.

I’m sorry SoFresh I love you but I won’t be visiting anytime soon for Parfait, maybe for salads and sandwiches tho.

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