We’ve been going on and on about the detox diet and have gotten quite a couple of mails asking when are we going to start the detox plan. Very soon I say.

Its now time to go into the detox plan but before we start one more thing.

One of the frequent questions have been asked is when can one start the detox diet?

This is what I always respond with: It is important to choose the right time to start a detox diet, the time needs to be right for you not for me. You would need to approach the detox diet with a positive frame of mind, dedication and grit.

The new year is often a good time because you know we are all charged up for our new year resolutions. You can decide to start your detox diet anytime the most important thing is you do so with a positive attitude.

It is also a good idea to enlist the support of your family or friends when going on the detox diet. I remember a friend of mine that went on the detox diet, after the second week all he could see in his dream was pounded yam and efo-riro. It took a couple of us dodging his every move to make sure he stuck to the plan. Tell your friends or family why you are doing the programme and what you want to achieve so they can help you focus in your end goal. Let them when you get positive results and also call them for encouragements if you have a ‘down’ day.

The 60 day detox plan should be an enjoyable experience. During this time you will need to make a number of changes to your old eating habits. You will have to make changes to your usual shopping habits and perhaps the way you prepare and cook meals. This is why it is important to start the detox diet when the time is right for you and you know you can commit to change.


You don’t have to invest in expensive gadgets but the following kitchen items will help you to prepare your meals more easily.

  • Steamer
  • Storage jars
  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Juicer if only your budget can stretch that far


Preparing and cooking food is very simple on this detox diet. Most of the dishes can be assembled in less than twenty minutes. You also don’t need great cooking skills. Here are some useful tips to follow.

  • Do not buy ready-cut vegetables, salads or fruits. They would have lost most of their nutritional value by the time you eat them.
  • Do not cook food too far in advance
  • You can use frozen food if fresh is not available- they have the same nutritional value
  • Try and eat as much of your food as close to its natural state as possible
  • Steaming is the best way to cook your vegetables as the vegetables are not in contact with the cooking water there is very little loss of vitamins.
  • Stir-frying is also a good cooking method as the food is cooked very briefly and so retains most of its nutrients.
  • On the detox diet, try to stir-fry in a small quantity of stock or water rather than oil. This is because the high temperature changes the chemical structure of most oils, making them potentially harmful for your body. You can add oil once you’ve removed from heat.



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